CD: Multiplication Hip Hop

If they learn the basics they will succeed.


Practice the Multiplication Table with Fun, Interactive Hip Hop Math Songs
Teachers, kids and parents love rapping along and learning the multiplication table with our charismatic characters, Dezmo and the Learning Squad. High-energy action and fun rap music make these hip hop math songs songs the most compelling way to learn. Multiplication Rap & Hip Hop has helped students of all ages practice and learn multiplication in a way that is fast, fun and easy! 

How Is the Hip Hop Math CD Set Up?
Learning the multiplication table does not have to be boring anymore. Students learn and retain the multiplication facts while they rap along to positive, motivational and upbeat tracks. Our multiplication CD is set up so that each multiplication fact ( 1-12 ) is a separate track on the cd.

You can teach or practice each multiplication table at your own pace and review them at anytime with the press of a button. Every multiplication song reviews the times table 4 times. The first 2 repetitions cover each multiplication fact along with the answer. The 3rd is a multiplication test, where the answer is left blank to allow students to check their progress and and the fourth is the final review of the multiplication table.

This is the best multiplication CD for you Multiplication Rap & Hip Hop is a nationally recognized multiplication help CD for kids that has significantly raised test scores for students all across the country receiving praise from the Washington Post, National Public Radio, Black Enterprise Magazine and BET Nightly News. Our hip hop math songs are perfect for students of all ages. If you are looking for a fun interactive multiplication activity, Multiplication Rap & Hip Hop will be a great addition to your collection.


This CD helps Children’s math skills to improve; by learning the times table children have an easier time with other math subjects such as division. The multiplication hip hop educational CD teaches students in a fun and exciting way. This is one of the best children’s educational DVDs for elementary students. It is used by schools, libraries, teachers and parents across the country and abroad.


Track List

Preview Song Name Time

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1. One Tables 3:05
  2. Two Tables 2:59
  3. Three Tables 2:57

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4. Four Tables 2:58
5. Five Tables 3:03
  6. Six Tables 3:08
  7. Seven Tables 2:50
  8. Eight Tables 3:04

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9. Nine Tables 3:00
  10. Ten Tables 3:06
  11. Eleven Tables 2:56

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12. Twelve Tables 3:20


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As a Teacher & Parent, I love Multiplication Rap & Hip Hop!
I ordered this CD after reading about it in the Washington Post. My three boys, ages 10, 9, and 4, love listening to the hip hop math songs. I am amazed to hear all 3 of my children repeating the lyrics absent-mindedly. I think this is a great tool for teaching kids the multiplication tables. I know the other teachers in the school where I teach will use Multiplication Hip Hop.


My Kids Love Multiplication Hip Hop!
My daughter took it to school to share with her class & her teacher loved it so much the principal bought it for both of the 3rd grade teachers.


This is my 2nd Multiplication Rap CD!
I am a teacher and this is the second time I have purchased Multiplication Hip Hop. Not only have my students enjoyed and learned from it, other teachers in the school are passing the hip hop mutliplication cd around. 


Multiplication stays in the Boombox!
We have two boys ages 9 and 11. Multiplication Hip Hop has a funky beat that caught their attention right away. Before you knew it they were off rapping to the multiplication tables. They said they didnt realize learning could be so much fun.


5 X 1 = 5 STARS
My 7-year old loves math and loves music, so this CD was a no-brainer. We crank it up for the 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's ALL the time in the car and he yells out the answers. Even my 4-year old daughter yells out the answers to the 1's. Thanks for making such a FUN CD, we love Multiplication Hip Hop and recommend it all the time.




My 9 year old learns facts best when set to music or movement
This CD is made for the child who is bored silly with flash cards, but learns easily when those same facts are set to catchy music. Unlike other educational tapes and CDs, this one sounds "cool" enough for my child 9 to *want* to listen.She even puts Multiplication Hip Hop on for friends. Others we've bought sounded too "preschool" for her big-girl tastes.


I love this CD, my students will excel faster. .
author: Tammy Stokes
My students love music, adding a skill to music is more enjoyable.

author: The Hills
The only thing that I can say is that this CD is the greatest investment we have ever made in a teaching tool. We have spent hundreds in educational tools for our children, and this CD was the most reasonable priced CD, as well as being one that has taught our children the fastest. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

smart cd
author: Alfred Hawkins
very smart cd I like this for my daughter
Molto divertente
author: Paolo
Cd molto divertente ed utile per i bambini.
great teaching tool!
author: Rebekah GFOx
This is a great way for kids to enjoy multiplication, easy and fun. We have been struggling to help a student with seizure disorder learn his facts, and we hope that by storing it in an area associated with music he will store it in multiple locations. Whatever the outcome, he is re-learning and retaining it at a faster rate than before. Thanks SO much!

It is a wonderful teaching tool!!
author: aimee
This CD is a great tool for educators. It really gives my students the opportuinty to move, groove, and memorize their multiplication. They love it!!

makes mathematics learning fantastic
author: lillian
It makes mathematics fun. The kids can't wait until I give them a quiz on multiplication 5's.