CD: Science and Geography

If they learn the basics they will succeed.

Get ready to blast off! 

Science & Geography is a stimulating compilation of fun subjects your child will love.

Come explore the solar system, names of the continents, bodies of water and even the 50 states and capitals. This is an exciting round trip tour that grooves along as your kids dance and sing along to these exhilarating songs. If you want your child to be well prepared for the upcoming school year; Science and Geography is a must have!

Capturing your child's attention and imagination is half the battle! They will be able to commit the lessons taught to memory with ease through the use of rhythm, repetition, and reinforcement. With Science and Geography success builds upon itself & with a strong foundation in the basics your child can build years of achievement.


This children’s educational CD helps children of all ages learn various subjects in a fun and exciting way. This is one of the best children’s educational CDs for all students. Children learn fast and have fun learning. Science and Geography is a great learning CD for third grade, forth grand and fifth grade.   This CD is used by schools, libraries, teachers and parents across the country and abroad.


Track List

Preview Song Name Time

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1. Solar System (nine planets) 3:49
  2. Continents 3:56
  3. Waters (the oceans) 4:24

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4. 50 States and Capitols (USA) 9:22
5. Time (units of time) 2:26
  6. The Body (human body systems) 2:28
  7. Matter (states of matter) 2:47

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8. Scientific Method 2:17


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My older children love the CD
Reviewer: Kim Thomas
This is a good cd my 7 year old wont put it down. I even find my older children hip hopping to the music.

The CD was exciting and fresh!
Reviewer: Nikki Hunter

Excelent review
Reviewer: Keith Taylor
I saw this CD reviewed in Black Enterprise magizne it was an excelent review and the CD is even better! Keep up the good work.

Finally a fun way to learn the 50 states and capitols.
Reviewer: Robert Maryweather
Finally a fun way to learn the 50 states and capitols. I have been looking for somthing like this and now I have found it. This CD is so much fun and contains so much information even an adult will enjoy it. I love the music!

Best Gift I Could Have Gotten!
Reviewer: Sheri Wiseman
I bought this cd for my 8 year old grandson and he absolutely loves it. The songs are really catchy and full of humor. He especially likes 'States of Matter' (me too)! He is still learning his states, but I hear him trying to sing along with the cd and learn the capitals. He is getting better. Thanks!

I love it.
Reviewer: Joan Wright
This CD is not only educational the music is excellent. The "Solar System" song is out of this world! My children love it and so do I.

This is a great classroom tool!!!
Reviewer: denise perry
This is a great way to help kids remember information. They all love music and lyrics. I can'y wait to use this in my classroom.

Get Ready To Blast Off!!!
Reviewer: Mrs Richardson
I just had to let you know how helpful all three of your CD's have been to my family. Science and Geography has put the final touch on a learning trilogy that my kids will benefit from for a life time. I can now ask my 9 year old what the name's of the planets are, the oceans, contintents....She even knows all of the states and the name of their capitals!!!! If you have kids buy these cd's they have helped out so much.

My kids love it!
author: Nira Jones
I purchased the "Science and Geography" CD at the African American Heritage Festival and my kids love it! My 8 year old and my husband have a competition to see who can name all 50 states and their capitals first. I will be ordering the entire series. Thank you for doing this. It's way an idea that is way overdue. I can't wait to see you on Oprah, this idea is huge. I wish you success! Respectfully, Nira Jones

what a great way kids learn quick and easy
author: lillian
it is a great unique concept for children to learn. It was quick, easy and catchy. It became habit forming as the beat made you bounce as you sing the song. The kids kept replaying it over and over. Singing, laughing and learning.

author: Pilar
They are great, my son enjoy a lot. Thank you.

The CD's were excellent. Can one be done for Spelling.
author: Christine Talmantes
The cd's I received were awesome. I really can't tell who enjoyed them more. If one can be made to help with spelling that would be over the top. Thank You so much.