DVD: Learning with It's Elementary



1. The ABC Song
2. Colors
3. The Vowel Song     
4. Small Words     
5. Count by Ones     
6. Count by Twos, Fives and Tens     
7. Addition (word problems)     
8. Subtraction (word problems)     
9. The Calendar Song     
10. The Fifty States

If they learn the basics they will succeed.

It's Elementary is a great way to introduce your young child to the ABC's, counting and more. We designed our DVD to build the solid foundation your child will need to succeed in school, while making learning fun and exciting.

It's Elementary covers the major topics your child will need for Pre-K through the 2nd Grade. They will learn their ABC's, colors, counting by 1's, The Day's of the Week and the Month's of the year. Each video has fun songs that your child will love to bop to again and again.

Capturing your child's attention and imagination is half the battle! They will be able to commit the lessons taught to memory with ease through the use of rhythm, repetition, and reinforcement. With It's Elementary success builds upon itself & with a strong foundation in the basics your child can build years of achievement.

This DVD helps young children learn the basics. The It’s Elementary educational DVD teaches students in a fun and exciting way. This is one of the best children’s educational DVDs for elementary students. Children learn fast and have fun learning. This CD is used by schools, libraries, teachers and parents across the country and abroad.