DVD: Learning with Multiplication Hip Hop


Practice the Multiplication Times Table with Music & Video

If they learn the basics they will succeed.

Multiplication Hip Hop is a fun interactive activity to practice the multiplication table through music and video. It has helped students of all ages practice multiplication in a way that is fast, fun and easy! 

Multiplication Hip Hop is a nationally recognized multiplication help DVD for kids that test each multiplication fact covering 1 - 12 on the multiplication table. Multiplication Hip Hop has significantly raised test scores for students all across the country and has received praise from the Washington Post, National Public Radio, Black Enterprise Magazine and BET Nightly News.


This DVD helps Children’s math skills to improve; by learning the times table children have an easier time with other math subjects such as division. The multiplication hip hop educational DVD teaches students in a fun and exciting way. This is one of the best children’s educational DVDs for elementary students. It is used by schools, libraries, teachers and parents across the country and abroad.