If they learn the basics they will succeed.

This DVD helps Children’s reading to improve, by learning the sight words children are able to read on their grade level. This educational DVD teaches preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade and third grade sight words. It is one of the best children’s educational DVDs for early learning students on the market. It is used by schools, libraries, teachers and parents across the country and abroad.


What are sight words?

Dolch sight words are the high frequency list of words published by Edward William Dolch, Ph.D. in 1948. These words are now part of the required curriculum in kindergarten through 1st and sometimes up to 3rd grade and are used as one way of estimating a primary student’s reading level. Dolch sight words are words that need to be recognized instantly or "on sight" for articulate reading. The Dolch Words comprise from 60 to 85% of the text in children's early reading materials. Therefore, a child who knows the Dolch Words has much of the base needed to recognize the majority of the words in a typical selection. Mastering recognition of these words can help to boost a child's motivation, confidence and eagerness to read.